The 1stInternational Workshop on Nanophotonics and Device Integration (NPDI2015)国际研讨会将于2015年7月6日上午9点在ag真人在线游戏前卫南区唐敖庆楼D区314举办,此次会议由集成光电子学国家重点实验室与ag真人在线游戏ag真人在线游戏主办,意在促进中国和世界各国在最先进的光子和光学技术领域的深度互动。此次会议邀请到13位国内外著名专家学者做邀请报告,届时欢迎各位师生前来听会。

Date: July 6, 2015

Place: Room D314, Tang Ao-Qing Building

Host: State Key Laboratory on Integrated Optoelectronics, College

of Electronic Science and Engineering, Jilin University, China

报 告 人: Hong-Bo Sun (Jilin University)

报告题目: Femtosecond laser-assisted 3D nano-printing

报告时间: 09:10-09:40

报 告 人: Andries Meijerink(Utrecht University, Netherlands)

报告题目: Light from Lanthanides: Past, Present and Future

报告时间: 09:40-10:10

海报展示: 10:10-11:10

报 告 人: Qi-Bing Pei(University of California, LA, USA)

报告题目: Toward Flexible and Stretchable Polymer Electronic

Materials and Thin Film Devices

报告时间: 11:10-11:40

报 告 人: Harald Giessen(University of Stuttgart, Germany)

报告题目: Complex functional nanooptics and plasmonics-from

fundamentals to applications

报告时间: 11:40-12:10

报 告 人: Jing Feng(Jilin University, China)

报告题目: Improved performance of Organic Optoelectronic Devices by

Integrating Micro/Nano Patterns

报告时间: 12:10-12:30

报 告 人: Peter R. Herman(University of Toronto, Cananda)

报告题目: Femtosecond laser plasma-disk explosion for nano-

structuring inside thin transparent film

报告时间: 14:00-14:30

报 告 人: Feng Wang(University of California, Berkeley, USA)

报告题目: Ultrafast dynamics in transition metal dichalcogenides

报告时间: 14:30-15:00

报 告 人: Laura Na Liu(Max-Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Germany)

报告题目: Active 3D Plasmonics

报告时间: 15:00-15:30

报 告 人: Huai-Liang Xu(Jilin University, China)

报告题目: Remote and Free-Space Lasers

报告时间: 15:30-15:50

海报展示: 15:50-16:20

报 告 人: Cheng-Wei Qiu(National University of Singapore, Singapore)

报告题目: Metasurface, metamaterials and metalight

报告时间: 16:20-16:50

报 告 人: Shuang Zhang(University of Birmingham, UK)

报告题目: Topological light at metamaterial surfaces

报告时间: 16:50-17:20

报 告 人: Yong-Lai Zhang(Jilin University, China)

报告题目: Surface and interface engineering of graphene oxide paper

by controllable photoreduction for smart actuators

报告时间: 17:20-17:40

报 告 人: Xian-Bin Li(Jilin University, China)

报告题目: Optical/Electrical Phase-Change Memory Alloy: Working

Principle and New Design

报告时间: 17:40-18:00


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